Kit for Major Autohemo Infusion with Ozone

First CE marked, patented, complete kit for Major Autohemo Infusion with Ozone.
400ml bag with transfusion sets, sterile.

Main features:

  • The first complete system authorized by the National Institute of Health (CE specific to the Major Autohemo infusion)

  • Bag for collecting and processing blood without phthalates (plasticizers)

  • Bag for collecting and processing blood inert to ozone (particle detachment)

  • "Closed system" between bag / Infusion set / Patient (elimination of any possible environmental contamination to the patient)

  • No needles except for the one dedicated to patient withdrawal (removal of accidental punctures with relative risk of infection)

  • Needlefree Connections (ensure hermetic sealing when disconnected from the syringe)

  • Absence of clots and gas embolus (SANO3 allows the performance of all the operations necessary for the treatment of Major Autohemo Infusion without risk of blood clots and embolus)




    Oxygen-ozone therapy is a consolidated and widely spread method thanks to its great benefits. It is documented by years of research and clinical and scientific experience, performed in many countries worldwide. This treatment determines a clear improvement of numerous pathologies and sometimes allows their complete recovery.

    Oxygen-ozone therapy is performed in 3 different ways:

    Done with a syringe endowed with a painless needle, injecting an oxygen-ozone blend to the specific body area.

    By contact
    Through cylinders, bell-shaped or proper plastic applications, the oxygen-ozone blend is brought to contact with the specific body area.

    Small Autohemo
    Infusion with a syringe, performing an intramuscular injection of a small quantity of one's own ozonized blood.

    Major Autohemo Infusion or Autohemo therapy with oxygen-ozone
    A quantity of blood, according to the doctor's decision, is drawed of the patient to a bag, and mixed for a pre-established time with a proper quantity of oxygen-ozone and reinjected to the same patient.

    The application fields are many, and include medicine, sports and cosmetics. In medicine, autohemo infusion is mostly used for:

    For diseases which demand a greater tissue oxygenation, such as Diabetes Mellitius, Ulcers, Atherosclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Arthrosis, Venous insufficiency, Raynaud disease, Peripheral artery disease, etc.

    For diseases connected or motivated by the immune system such as Aphtous ulcer, Furuncolosis, Acne, Viral hepatitis, Chronic hepatitis, active or persistent from a previous viral infection.

    Immunity variation
    For diseases which need an adjustment of the immune system, such as allergies (Allergic rhinitis, Bronchial asthma) and food intolerance and all the autoimmune diseases: Rheumatiod arthritis, Lupus erythematosus, Scleroderma, Sjogren's syndrome, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Burger Disease, etc.


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