STEMCHOICE® is a double safety bag for cryopreservation of stem cells , made in speciale material for a better resistance in long term conservation in liquid nitrogen. All cryobags go through different testing methods, one by one, both in pre and post production phase. A quality label is applied on the finished product as guarantee of its conformity to the testing results.

The finished product is in compliance with the internal and external quality standards and every production batch release is provided with a Declaration of Conformity and a Production Control report.The Bags, the overwrapping and each individual component belong to a unique project that turns the product user-friendly. Moreover, the bag special design perfectly fits the majority of the existing bag holders. The special needle-free connector guarantees the safety of the operator and reduces the risk of contamination.The material has the most innovative formulation of EVA, the welding is performed with the most advanced technologies and the components have been chosen in order to guarantee the highest safety and to minimize the risk of contamination.The blister is made of medical grade paper and disinfectable plastic film, containing the bag and its overwrap. This simplifies and improves working in sterile conditions.The bags of STEMCHOICE® is available in different sizes, depending on the application.



ABOUT Blood and Cell Therapy

The destruction of the textural architecture of an organ, due to the death of its cells, is the cause of the main pathologies that afflict industrialized countries population.

Stem cells, embryonal, fetal, from umbilical cord or adult, represent an important possibility for the damaged organs regeneration.

Stem cells transplantation could be a revolutionary therapeutic perspective for several pathologies today still incurable and, in the near future,
research could make big progress, treating and solving some of the most famous severe degenerative and functional diseases as:

- Alzheimer
- Cancer
- Diabetes
- Parkinson disease
- Multiple sclerosis
- Cirrhosis of the liver
- Huntington's disease
- Muscular dystrophy
- Leukaemia
- Osteoporosis

Haemopharm devotes itself to study and research of systems suitable for the conservation of stem cells.



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