Quatalia has the third highest growth rate in Serbia

Dec 1, 2014

Haemopharm's Company Quatalia is the third company in Serbia with the highest growth rate in 2014, according to official IMS data.








FillChoice Room finalist at CPhI Pharma Awards 2014

Nov 6, 2014

Heamopharm presents its new product FillChoice Room shortlisted for CPhI Pharma Awards 2014.

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"NIV: New Closure, Needleless Injection Vial Container"

Oct 9, 2014


"Haemopharm’s NIV is a new closure for vial container for containing drugs or nutritional active principles with a hermetic seal, perforable with syringe needless, which automatically closes again when the syringe is removed from the luer port. This device replaces the standard vials used with a normal syringe with needle, using a needle-free connection on the vial seal. It assures a hermetic closure of the system, avoiding contamination of the vial contents and, at the same time, securing the operator by avoiding the use of a needle and an eventual pricking.
NIV has been tested in the laboratory for general performance results. It has been demonstrated that NIV is a mechanically and microbiologically closed system during and after multi-use. It can be used for multiple medication mixing, maintaining flexible, and hermetic capacities. It can and will be used for any product consisting in a vial (glass or plastic), which can contain any type of medical substance that needs to be extracted from the vial by a syringe, or solubilized in liquid and administered to the patient.
One of the main advantages of NIV is the minimization of the foam formation during drug reconstitution, assuring the correct drug dose to the patient and avoiding medication waste and overfilling. In addition, the reclosable seal avoids aerosol and back flow effect, preventing unwanted leakages of the drug or substance, critical in case of toxic drugs, which may harm the nurse or the patient.
NIV is made of a material that is compatible with many drugs and widely fits in the growing use of drug delivery systems for many applications, such as cancer treatment, antibiotics, clinical nutrition, and for many pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and clinics."



















"A new concept of compounding pharmacy"

Oct 6, 2014 - from PharmaTech.com

"Haemopharm Healthcare, was a finalist in this category for its new concept of a compounding pharmacy incorporated in a bag, the Fillchoice Room. The drug can be easily manipulated and reconstituted in a completely closed system next to a patient’s bed and directly administered.

This innovation replaces the standard practice of manipulating drugs in hospital pharmacies. The device’s flexibility means it can be used for any drug in any vial size and for any solvent volume. Unlike other reconstitution systems, it guarantees 100% isolation in the drug preparation system.

It works similarly to a clean room, making it particularly safe for users manipulating dangerous drugs."











"Vial Component Enables Airtight Seal"

Feb 11, 2013


"Haemopharm's NIV synthetic rubber vial component maintain seal integrity with needle-free syringes.

Vial Component Enables Airtight Seal for Needle-Free Syringes: Italy-based device manufacturer Haemopharm Healthcare has developed an airtight rubber seal for glass vials and needle-free syringes called NIV. The device is particularly useful for formulations which require reconstitution, mixing or transfer before administration to the patient.

In traditional vial seals, the rubber top protects the contents from outside contamination. Needles pierce the rubber stopper easily, allowing access to the medication. When medication is drawn from a rubber-topped vial, users must follow time-consuming procedures to prevent contamination and avoid backflow and dangerous aerosol release from the vial.

With NIV, when a syringe is removed the seal automatically closes and creates an airtight seal on top of the vial. This device is designed to replace both standard vials used with normal needle-based syringes, as well as needle-free vial connectors or adaptors which require additional components for drug reconstitution. The latter are generally very expensive.

NIV won a Best Innovation prize at the recent CPhI pharmaceutical trade show in Madrid."




















Haemopharm Winner at CPhI Awards 2012


Haemopharm won the first prize as the best innovation in 2012 at CPhI Pharma Awards.

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"SAFE2: developed for safe long-term storage of stem cell samples"

Nov 27, 2012 - Manufacturing Chemist


With a production site in the North of Italy and commercial offices in Milan and in Belgrade (Serbia), Haemopharm Healthcare has developed several innovative concepts for the pharmaceutical and medical industries.Its product SAFE2, developed in partnership with Siad Healthcare, is a double bag that has been specially created to improve the safety of stem cell samples during cryopreservation.

Produced in ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), this bag is suitable for long term storage in liquid nitrogen. The inside of the bag contains the samples while the outer bag protects the inner bag. The material offers high resistance and excellent flexibility.

Each bag is equipped with two ports in EVA with hermetically welded membrane to ensure the sterility during the freezing and defreezing operations. A special connector enables the connection between the EVA tube and the PVC connecting tube. The way that the connecting tube is designed to insert into the bag prevents potential damage to the bag walls.

A slit in the tube and the rounded corners of the inner bag also help to achieve complete bag drainage. The outer EVA sheet is also ribbed to make it easier to slide the inner bag inside the outer bag.

At the bottom of the bag there are two small housings for holding aliquot samples in vials or segments of tubes and for a label."



















"Innovazione nel mondo farmaceutico"
Nov 7, 2012 - Il Sole 24 Ore


Lo scorso mese di ottobre Haemopharm Healthcare ha vinto il prestigiosissimo premio "CPhI Pharma Awards - Best Innovation" alla CPhI Worldwide che è la più importante manifestazione internazionale nel settore farmaceutico con 30.000 mila visitatori e 2.200 espositori provenienti da oltre 130 Paesi.

Un riconoscimento prestigioso per il gruppo Paolo Gobbi Frattini, con stabilimento situato a Tovo di Sant'Agata (SO) che per alcune produzioni si è rivolto alla Bonini srl di Delebio, storica azienda valtellinese, leader nel mercato business to business dei componenti plastici per uso farmaceutico fondata nel 1959.











"A System for Intravenous/Instillation Medications"

Oct 11, 2012 - CPhI Show Daily

"Heamopharm Healthcare's system, FILLchoice, is used for the reconstitution of all drugs to be made soluble before being administered to the patient, such as antiblastic drugs and active principles produced in form of sterile freeze-dried drugs. Some of its main uses are in reconstitution of antibiotics vials, vesical instillation of chemotherapy drugs.
If correctly used, the system guarantees a safe manipulation of active principles. It is well known that an accidental exposure, due to contact or inhalation, to such active substances, can have harmful effects on the health: carcinogenic drugs, probable carcinogenic drugs or at risk of cancer (classification according to IARC: International Agency for research on Cancer). The use of FILLchoice avoids these risks.
FILLchoice is composed by a flexible bag made in different materials according to the specific needs of the consumer. The volume of the bag varies according to the use."














Centro Medico St.Agatha Spot









Inauguration of St.Agatha Medical Centre

Jun 2, 2012

On June 2 in Tovo di Sant'Agata was held the inauguration of St.Agatha Medical Centre.

During the event, Dr. Giuliano Pradella, Medical Director of the facility, moderated a conference attended by prestigious speakers.

Prof. Marianno Franzini, Chairman of the Scientific Society of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy, and Professor at the University of Pavia, outlined the benefits of the therapy "Oxygen-Ozone health - Indications", which was followed by the presentation "Connective tissue disorders: from the laboratory to the pharmacological applications "Dr. Roberta Besio, Researcher at the University of Pavia.

Dr. Raffaele Galato finally explained the different applications of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy in nephrology. The event ended with refreshments and a guided tour of the Medical Centre.














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