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26 Jun, 2020

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic and its extensive worldwide impact we would like to inform you about the following:

EBMT 2020 will be hold as a virtual edition, from Saturday 29th August to Tuesday 1st September, 2020

CPhI North America 2020 live event has been cancelled and postponed to April 20 - 22nd 2021

Medica 2020, Haemopharm Company made the difficult decision to cancel its participation to Medica this year and looks forward to attend the 2021 edition.

CPhI worldwide 2020 live event has been cancelled and postponed until 2021 and new virtual event CPhI: Festival of Pharma will be held from 5 to 16 October 2020







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Next Exhibitions
next exhibitions

24 Oct, 2019

Next Exhibitions will be:

CPhI worldwide 2019, 5-7 November 2019, Frankfurt, Germany
BOOTH n. 111B30

Medica 2019, 18-21 November 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany
BOOTH n. 6D18

Arab Health 2020, 27-30 January 2020, Dubai, UAE
BOOTH n. Z2.D31







Next Exhibitions
next exhibitions

19 Nov, 2018

Next Exhibitions will be:

CPhI India, 12-14 December 2018, New Delhi, India - BOOTH 14D21

Arab Health, 28-31 January 2019, Dubai, UAE - BOOTH RA10

EAHP, 27-29 March 2019, Barcelona, Spain - BOOTH 21

CPHI North America, April 30-2 May 2019, Chicago, USA - BOOTH 1727
CPHI North







Next Exhibitions
next exhibitions

05 Sept, 2018

Next Exhibitions will be:

CPhI Worldwide 2018 , 09-11 October, Madrid - BOOTH 4B60

Medica 2018, 12-15 November, Dusseldorf, Germany - BOOTH 6D18

Arab Health, 28-31 January 2019, Dubai, UAE - BOOTH RA10







Healthcare & Medical Technologies in China
Healthcare & Medical Technologies 2018

19 Mar, 2018

We are glad to inform you that Haemopharm is one of the European companies selected by EU Gateway | Business Avenues to participate to EU-funded business mission to China focused on Healthcare & Medical Technologies 2018 that will take place in Shanghai, from 9th to 13th April.







Next Exhibitions
Next Exhibitions 2017

06 Dec, 2018

Next Exhibitions will be:

5th International Congress of Oxygen Ozone Therapy , 16-18 March, Rome

EBMT 2018, 18-21 March, Lisbon, Portugal - BOOTH 38 with our Partnership ADVATIS (

EAHP, 21-23 March, Gothenburg, Sweden - BOOTH 69

CPhI North America, 24-26 April, Philadelphia, PA, USA - BOOTH 2117

World Advanced Therapies & Regenerative Medicine Congress,16-18 May, London - BOOTH 22 with our Partnership ADVATIS.












Article about Fillchoice® room on CPhI Magazine

23 May, 2017

SHOW DAILY - CPhI North America Magazine, 16 May 2017

Fillchoice® room: a compounding pharmacy within a bag"
Fillchoice® room is the first medical device that provides a compounding pharmacy incorporated in a bag and it was shortlisted as “best innovation” for the Packaging Category of the CPhI Pharma Awards in 2014.
It is a new concept of compounding pharmacy: you can manipulate and reconstitute the drug directly in the bag, with no need for dedicated clean rooms.This device replaces the standard practice of drugs manipulation in hospital pharmacies under a laminar flow hood: the drug can be manipulated and reconstituted in a completely closed system, next to the patients' bed and directly administered.

Fillchoice® room widely fits in the use of compounding pharmacy, drug reconstitution and delivery systems and therefore will find utility in many pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and clinics. It is suitable for any drug (liquid, gel or powder) in glass or plastic vial that needs to be compounded or reconstituted.

Unlike other reconstitution systems, it doesn’t provide only a closed system: it guarantees 100% isolation to the drug preparation system, as it works like a sterile “clean room”. Therefore it is safe for the manipulation of dangerous drugs, such as antitumoral drugs. It eliminates the risks of caregivers' exposure to dangerous drugs, such as toxicity, carcinogenicity and infertility. During the preparation and administration of the drug to the patient, it eliminates the risk of sometimes lethal medication errors.

Fillchoice® room is very flexible, as it can be customized in terms of drug type, solvent, volume and vial size. Volume of the solvent and varying bag materials are available.

The new version Fillchoice® room dose is now available: thanks to a special dosing system it allows the dosed reconstitution of drugs, in accordance with the doctor prescription.






















New SANO3 KIT website!

30 March, 2017

SANO3, our KIT for Ozone Therapy has now is own website!

SANO3 KIT is the only authorized bag by the Italian National Institute of Health for AUTOHEMOTHERAPY!

Discover more at: !







Next Exhibitions
Next Exhibitions 2017

22 Feb, 2017

Next Exhibitions will be:

EBMT 2017, 26-29 March, Marseille, France - BOOTH 24 with our Partnership ADVATIS (

CPhI North America, 16-18 May, Philadelphia, PA, USA - BOOTH 3124

World Advanced Therapies & Regenerative Medicine Congress,17-19 May, London - BOOTH 26 with our Partnership ADVATIS.

CPhI worldwide, 24-26 October, Messe Frankfurt, Germany - BOOTH 42C20.

MEDICA, 13-16 November, Düsseldorf, Germany - BOOTH 6D18.












Oxygenate your blood!

24 Jan, 2017

STARBENE Magazine n.6 -

The Auto-hemo Infusion benefits with the use of the SANO3 kit: no phthalates released and no hyperbarism, which produces haemolysis (breakdown of red blood cells).

For a deep cleaning of your body you can try the oxygen-ozone therapy: it is performed through the autohemo infusion and boosts your energy."










Arab Health 2017







Interview at CPhI Russia showing our Needleless Connector NIP®

02 Dic, 2016

Finally online the interview at CPhI Russia 2015, showing how NIP®, our needlefree connector, works.

link to the interview







"NIV® and NIP®: the first Needlefree Connectors with Hermetic Closure"
NIP and NIV at Medica 2016

29 Nov, 2016

From MEDICA Magazine - 10.08.16:

"Haemopharm is a pioneer company in the manufacturing and commercialization of flexible bags, connectors, delivery systems and biotechnology products for many different medical areas.

Haemopharm is very attentive to the market tendencies and international regulations that are moving towards needlefree policies and contamination-free connections to prevent accidental needle-sticks and infections to caregivers and patients.
Haemopharm invented and patented the first new needlefree technology that not only enables the use of the syringe without the needle, but also provides a hermetic closure, minimizing contaminations and increasing the safety.

This needlefree technology has been applied both on vials and bags.
NIV® (Needlelss Injection Vial) is a new closure for vials which contain injectable medications that require reconstitution.
NIV® has a hermetic seal, perforable with a needlefree syringe, which automatically closes again when the syringe is pulled out. This device replaces both standard vials used with normal syringe with needle, and needle free vial connectors or adaptors.
The immediately reclosable seal also avoids the back flow effect, preventing unwanted aerosol or leakage of the drug, which are critical in case of toxic drugs.NIV® has won the CPhI Awards in 2012 as “Best Innovation of the year”.

NIP® (Needleless Injection Port) is the new needlefree valve for any bag containing liquids. Thanks to NIP® the bag can be easily accessed through the luer of the syringe in order to take out its content or to add to the solution active principles or other substances. NIP® can substitute any injection point and widely fits in many different therapeutic applications, such as Pharmacy compouding and reconstitution, I.V. solutions, clinical nutrition, dialysis, oncology, etc.."

link to the article




















"Cerebrovascular pattern improved by ozone autohemotherapy: an entropy-based study on multiple sclerosis patients"
Ozone and Multiple Sclerosis

28 Nov, 2016

From "INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NEURAL SYSTEMS - World Scientific Publishing Company ":

"Ozone major autohemotherapy is effective in reducing the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients, but its effects on brain are still not clear. In this work, we have monitored the changes in the cerebrovascular pattern of MS patients and normal subjects during major ozone autohemotherapy by using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) as functional and vascular technique. NIRS signals are analyzed using a combination of time, time-frequency analysis and nonlinear analysis of Intrinsic Mode Function (IMF) signals obtained from Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) technique. Our results show that there is an improvement in the cerebrovascular pattern of all subjects indicated by increasing the complexity of the NIRS signals. Hence, we can conclude that the ozone therapy increases the brain metabolism and helps to recover from the lower activity levels which is predominant in MS patients."













Italian Minister of Health certified SanO3 as the only medical device authorized for the major autoemo with ozone

15 Nov, 2016

SAN03 Kit is CE marked for specific use in ozone autohemotherapy. The Italian Minister of Health certified that there is any phthalates release from the PVC bag.








Article about FILLChoice Room in "CPhI Show Daily"

04 Oct, 2016

"Haemopharm Demonstrates System For Formulating And Administering Medication At The Bed-Side.

Haemopharm, a pioneer in the manufacture of flexible bags for sterile solutions and dialysis, will demonstrate a novel system for formulating and administering medication at the bed-side. Fillchoice® room is a medical device that provides a compounding pharmacy in a bag. This new concept of compounding pharmacy allows the manipulation and reconstitution of a drug directly in the bag, with no need to a dedicated clean room. Eliminating the risks to the caregivers of exposure to dangerous drugs this system is suitable for any drug (liquid, gel or powder) and guarantees 100% isolation of the drug preparation system. "















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