Ergonomic bag for the washing of critical wounds.
150ml, sterile, CE marked.

Main features:

  • Injection point for adding active principles to the irrigation solution

  • Ergonomic shape of the bag which facilitates the controlled compression for the correct washing pressure on the wound

  • Special patented connector, blade flow, for precise cleaning of the wound


    Treatment of lesions or bedsores is crucial.
    It occurs through the formation of a connective tissue which becomes covered by the multiplication of the epithelial cells and the migration of these cells from the lesion's borders to its centre.
    It is influenced by local factors (blood supply, presence of oxygen, existence of bacteria or a tissue damage, medication type, etc) as well as by systemic factors (malnutrition, diabetes, vitamins deficit, medicine use, hypoxia, hypovolemia, etc).
    The lesion treatment can be altered basing on the patient's condition, the type of wound and its evolution.
    The basic principle is to encourage the lesion's recovery, respecting the natural environment in which the tissue restoring process, granulation and reepithelization take place, and to avoid conditions that could slow them down, such as humidity, pH and temperature variation.

    Lesion treatment actions:

    - Non-vital tissue removal
    - Disinfection
    - Diagnosis and infection treatment
    - Topical medication for the lesion
    - Treatment of the surrounding skin
    - Medication frequency


    The Hydrotherapeutic Method consists in irrigating the lesion with Lactated Ringer Solution or Physiological Solution in room temperature and forming an appropriate pressure which is achieved by using a 50 mL syringe and a 19G needle.

    This course of action though, does not guarantee a mechanical action with no damage to the granulation tissue; a greater pressure would in fact allow the penetration of bacteria and of the irrigation liquid into the tissue, while a lower pressure would not be enough to remove the existing bacteria.

    The Lactated Ringer Solution is preferable as it contains potassium salts, and would improve skin trophism.

    This operation should be performed every time medication is changed, before and after a possible antiseptic, proteolytic enzyme and antibiotics application, and it should precede and follow non-vital tissues removal interventions.



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